Counties Prepare for Quick Spending

A continued spike in new coronavirus cases comes as officials in some Kansas counties worry that they won’t be able to spend some coronavirus relief funds before the end of the year as federal law requires.

Some counties haven’t seen any of the $400 million in aid allocated by the state in June because of the state’s process for reviewing their spending plans.

Counties are now answering questions from the state’s Office of Recovery about how they plan to spend the $400 million in aid, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported.

The counties had to submit their spending plans to the office by mid-August, and the office responded earlier this month.

The money was the first part of $1.25 billion in aid from the federal government to Kansas.

The state’s 105 counties face a time crunch because they have until the end of the year to spend the money or return it, and they’re navigating the state’s back-and-forth review process.

Federal law requires that the funds be used only for COVID-related purposes, and the state is aware of the pressing deadline that counties face.