Counties Vary on How New Powers Applied

Kansas counties had various reactions to Governor Laura Kelly’s decision to give them the authority to determine their own coronavirus restrictions.

For example, Shawnee, Wyandotte, Douglas, Lyon, and Coffey counties all said they would continue to stick to the governor’s plan, while Johnson, Reno, Sedgwick, and Ford counties said restrictions on the size of gatherings and how businesses can operate would now be only guidelines.

Despite easing the restrictions, Johnson County health officials said that residents and businesses should continue to follow the safety guidance from Kelly’s reopening plan.

Ford County, which has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases, also chose to drop the state restrictions, but will allow cities within the county to impose tighter restrictions if they wish.

Sedgwick County commissioners also voted not to impose any restrictions on county residents or businesses.

Wyandotte County health officials said they would impose Kelly’s original restrictions until at least June 8th.

Officials in Shawnee, Douglas and Lyon counties say they will continue following the restrictions because the current plan is working.