COVID-19 Death Rate Steady, But Cases Skyrocket

The number of people who die after contracting COVID-19 has remained relatively stable at about 1% in Kansas.

However, the number of Kansans who have died from the disease topped 2,000 last week.

How quickly the state passed that milestone – it took the state seven-plus months to lose its first 1,000 people to the coronavirus, and little more than a month to lose 1,000 more – shows how quickly the spread is accelerating.

The Kansas News Service reports that the rapid increase in the number of new deaths mirrors the increases in new cases.

In the past two weeks, the state has averaged nearly 2,500 new cases a day.

In Kansas, it took about six months to go from the first death, to 500 deaths.

The next 500 took only six weeks.

The 500 after that, four weeks.

The most recent 500, to get the state over 2,000, took about two and a half weeks.