COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreading in Kansas

Kansas experienced another surge in new COVID-19 cases from the faster-spreading delta variant, prompting state officials to renew their calls for people to get vaccinated.

The state Department of Health and Environment reported Friday that another 75 delta variant cases had been identified in Kansas since Wednesday, an increase of 26.5% to 358.

Since the first of last week, the number of delta variant cases has grown by 136, or 61%.

Kansas has seen its total new COVID-19 cases start to rise again after bottoming out at an average of 96 a day for the seven days ending June 23.

The average was 173 a day for the seven days ending Friday — about 80% higher.

The department reported Friday that 39% of the state’s 2.9 million residents were fully vaccinated, and 44.4% had received at least one of two required shots.