COVID-19: Officially Not A Pandemic In Kansas Now

Kansas is planning fewer updates of data about COVID-19 now that Governor Laura Kelly has declared that the state is moving toward treating it as a disease like the flu that spreads regularly.

Kelly said the state Department of Health and Environment will continue to support access to free COVID-19 testing, work to ensure that vulnerable populations can get vaccinated, see that providers serve a broad population, and give “comprehensive guidance” about the virus.

But the health department will now update its online dashboards on COVID-19 cases and vaccinations only on Fridays.

The data had been updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Democratic governor’s announcement came more than nine months after top Republicans in the Legislature ended a state of emergency for the coronavirus pandemic over Kelly’s objections.

Some GOP lawmakers have expressed frustration in recent weeks that Kelly’s administration had not formally declared an end to the pandemic.

Kelly said that “endemic normalcy” will become the state’s “new normal.”