COVID-19 Vaccinations Coming Soon

A Kansas health official says a COVID-19 vaccine could be available for many high-risk health care workers in mid-December.

The Reflector reports that Phil Griffin, deputy director of the bureau of disease control and prevention for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration, a vaccine may be available between December 13th and 15th.

Testing will take place in three phases, Griffin said.

In addition to health care workers working directly with COVID-19 patients, the first phase will include first responders, long-term care facility residents, and pharmacists.

Griffin estimates this phase will cover around 200,000 Kansans.

The second phase, expected to be administered in spring 2021, will cover essential workers.

The third phase, planned for summer 2021, will cover the state’s general population.

Griffin urged patience with the vaccination process, as the details of the plans could change in the coming weeks and months.