COVID in Kansas: Good News, Bad News

In some respects, COVID-19 has become less deadly in Kansas.

Since December 1st, deaths reported by the state health department have represented 0.4% of the new cases reported – less than half of the 0.9% in November.

The percentage of cases resulting in hospitalizations is also lower, at 1.7% since December 1st, compared with 2.6% in November.

But the number of newly-reported “confirmed and probable” COVID-19 cases has exploded.

The state has averaged 2,652 per day since December 1st – and the figure last week topped 5,700 per day.

In November, the average was 1,021.

The spike could mean a larger total number of deaths and hospitalizations.

The state health department reported an average of 27 new hospitalizations a day in November, and the average is 44 a day since December 1st.

The average number of deaths was nine per day in November, but 11 per day since December 1st