Crowd Entertainment Promised For Invitational Bull Riding Event Encouraging Young Cowboys

World champions in the making are most likely to be highlight of a special bull riding event set for Burlingame.

“Talent, plain and simple,” said PBR Professional Bull Rider Devin Hutchinson.

“We have so much talent in the state of Kansas,” the Emporia cowboy declared. “The younger bull riders have so much potential and unseen talent that is unheard of.”

To help build that skill, passion and adrenaline, he’s coordinated the second annual Devin Hutchinson Invitation Sunflower State Chute Out.

It’s Saturday evening, Oct. 26, at the Burlingame Saddle Club Arena on Rodeo Drive in Burlingame starting at 7 o’clock.

“We only have a couple regulars from the last few years in the PBR,” Hutchinson said. “Texas, Oklahoma and our sister state of Missouri each have 20 times more hands.

“I want kids and younger riders to see that they can do anything they put their minds to,” he emphasized. “I want the ones who have that passion to see they have what it takes to be a professional.”

The event is also intended to help create up and coming bull riders. “Kids must get out there and see the action up close,” said the bull rider who competes around the country. “It takes more than watching bull riding on television to realize what one wants to do when he gets older.

“Just like with me growing up. Every time we would go watch a bull riding I would find more interest in it,” Hutchinson said. “It took those events to help build my passion. Hopefully we can do that for a whole new generation of kids from our area.”

Talent of promising bull riders will be highlighted at the Devin Hutchinson Invitational Sunflower State Chute Out, Saturday evening, Oct. 26, at Burlingame. A PBR Professional Bull Rider Hutchinson shows personal form at the Dayton Rumble Bull Riding event in Dayton, Ohio, as encouragement for competitors at the local competition.

Hutchinson produced his first bull riding last year at Club Rodeo in Wichita. “It was to give back to the place that got me started in it all,” he said. “In everyday life I feel it’s important to remember where you come from and what built you over your lifetime.

“I take that and apply it just as equal when talking about my bull riding career,” Hutchinson continued. “I would go to Club Rodeo every single weekend for a few years to learn. Some of my greatest riding memories came from that place.”

Reflecting on his initial invitational bull riding, Hutchinson said, “It was gritty and grimy just like bull riding should be.

“There were 25 entries with local names like Cole Fisher, who is now 40th in the professional rodeo standings.

“The crowd was amazing,” Hutchinson insisted. “Our event was a success in all. Things needed weeded out and things needed added but that all comes with your first year.”

With payout of more than $2,000, there were both bull team and freestyle competitions. “Tyler White of Silver Lake won the Freestyle and will be one of two bullfighters in this year’s event,” Hutchinson said.

Expecting 30 bull riders, there will be a $65 entry fee. With added money, the riders will be competing for more than $5,000.

“The bull team competition will allow contractors to bring three bulls,” Hutchinson explained. “That’ll be two bulls in the long go-round and one in the short-go.”

Additionally a convict poker is planned with four people at a table playing “poker” while an enraged bull is released. “Whoever stays in the longest wins a set of tickets to the PBR World Finals,” Hutchinson promised.

Information is available by calling 620-481-1422, which is also the number for making entries starting the evening of October 18th.

Children five and under are to be admitted free, while those 12 and under will have a reduced admission cost. Gates open at 5:45.

“Come join us October 26, at Burlingame as I’ve invited some of the top bull riders,” Hutchinson declared. “They’ll be here from around the area, nation and world to battle it out at the Sunflower State Chute Out. Hope to see you there.”