Digging safe means call 811 first

Spring means planting, including trees. Do you know if you’re in danger of hitting a utility line? Call ahead to find out.

“A lot of people are thinking about planting those trees and may not think that’s a type of project where they need to call,” said Dawn Tripp with the Kansas Gas Service. “It certainly is. Any time you’re going to put the shovel into the ground, we encourage you to call 811 at least two full business days before you begin that digging project.”

The process is simple, as long as you call ahead.

“There is a vast network of pipelines and cables underground,” said Tripp. “There’s just no way that you can know with the naked eye, where those lines are located. It really is important.”

It’s easy to use the 811 call center.

“In Kansas, that’s located in Wichita, the Kansas 811 call center,” said Tripp. “They are going to ask you just a few questions, like where do you plan to dig, what does your digging project consist of? Then they’re going to notify member companies who will then send professional locators out to mark those lines. They’re going to mark them with flags, with spray paint.”

No matter what state you’re in, 811 is the number to call before you dig.