Dillons Announces Changes in Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Policies

Kroger, the national grocery store chain that operates as Dillon’s in Kansas, has announced some big changes when it comes to COVID-19 and their employees.

Kroger is ending some benefits for unvaccinated workers.

A company spokesperson says that unvaccinated workers will no longer be eligible to receive up to two-weeks paid emergency leave if they become infected.

That policy was put into place last year when vaccines were unavailable.

The company also confirmed that non-union employees or management that are unvaccinated would be asked to pay a monthly $50 surcharge for their company health plan to defray costs incurred by the Kroger.

The surcharge will not apply to hourly employees enrolled in a company healthcare plan or those covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

The changing policies are effective in the new year.

The company said that it will continue $100 payments given to all fully vaccinated employees.