Doctors: Death risk high for ill Kansas election official
Two doctors who treated a Kansas election commissioner who was fired for accessing a voter database when working from home while battling cancer said she faced a one-in-four chance or more of dying if she got COVID-19.

The Wichita Eagle reported it talked to Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman’s oncologist, Dr. Dennis Moore, and her infectious disease specialist, Dr. Tom Moore, with her consent.

The doctors, who are brothers, said she would have been unnecessarily risking her life if she worked in the office during the election. Lehman at the time was on a very aggressive form of chemotherapy for lymphatic cancer that is now in remission.

“I think it’s outrageous what happened to her,” said Dennis Moore, of the Cancer Center of Kansas.

Secretary of State Scott Schwab informed Lehman earlier this month she wouldn’t be reappointed when her four-year term expires in July for violating a policy on remote access of the voter database.

“She was told, along with the 104 other local election officials, that she could NOT access the statewide voter registration database from her home,” spokeswoman Katie Koupal wrote in an e-mail.

Tom Moore said patients with leukemia and lymphoma who catch COVID more often than not died.