The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) published the 2018 Kansas Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape Report on Tuesday.

The report compiles data on domestic violence, rape, stalking, sodomy, and sexual battery incidents reported to the KBI by state and local law enforcement agencies across Kansas. The offenses counted in this report represent only those reported by victims to law enforcement.

Domestic Violence Analysis

The 2018 Domestic Violence, Stalking and Rape Report revealed 24,066 domestic violence incidents in the state, indicating an overall 6% increase in reported domestic violence incidents. A domestic violence incident was reported in the state every 21 minutes and 50 seconds, and a domestic violence arrest occurred every 43 minutes and 48 seconds.

Domestic Violence Homicides

In 2018, Kansas experienced one less domestic violence related homicide than in 2017, at 37 homicides. Of the 146 total homicides reported in 2018, 25.3% were related to domestic violence.

Rape Analysis

In 2018, 1,349 rapes were reported to law enforcement, representing 8.9% more than reported in the previous year. Rape was reported in Kansas every 6 hours and 29 minutes. In 81.1% of rape incidents, the suspect was known to the victim.

Find the complete 2018 report, and the reports from previous years here.