Domestic violence still too common in Kansas, victims are not alone

One of the most important things victims need to know when domestic violence happens to them is that it is more common than they might think.

“They are not alone in experiencing the problem,” said Joyce Grover with the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. “Over 22,000 calls were made to law enforcement by victims in 2017. Over 77,000 Kansans sought services in 2018 from domestic violence and sexual assault programs.”

In just one day, Kansas domestic violence victim advocacy services programs provided services to a total of 702 domestic violence victims.

“In our mind, domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and abusive behavior committed against one party in the relationship against the other. That domestic violence can be physical or not. It can be emotional. It can be financial abuse. There’s a broad range of different tactics that an abuser can use against a victim. We’re talking about a pattern of abuse over time.”

If you believe you are a victim of domestic violence, call (888) END-ABUSE.

“People can always reach out for help on that hotline,” said Grover. “They can do it anonymously. They can just say, I think I’m in a relationship where there’s domestic violence. Can I talk to someone?
Reaching out in that way, I think, can be so helpful.”

One in four homicides in Kansas were domestic violence-related.