Dr. Barbara Bollier looking for more accessibility in health care in U.S. Senate run, but not ‘Medicare for All’

Though Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Barbara Bollier is a staunch Medicaid expansion proponent in her current job in the state senate, she is not in favor of the most liberal of positions on healthcare in the 2020 Democratic presidential field federally.

“Obviously, we need to work on making health care more accessible and more affordable for all people,” said Bollier. “However, I do not support Medicare for All. I think that many people in Kansas, from what I hear from people, many of them like their private health insurance and want to stay with that. I don’t think we can just flip our system into this mandate. I would like to see a public option.”

The advice and consent role of the United States Senate is one of its main functions. Bollier explained the way she looks at nominees now on the state level and how she’d handle that same process if given an opportunity.

“You have to look at a person’s qualifications,” said Bollier. “In the senate I serve in now, we get a whole packet of information that we are able to read on the person. If you’re looking at someone that needs to be approved for a judgeship, do they follow the law? That is the bottom line in this country.”

The anesthesiologist believes her medical background helps her systematically think about problems as she approaches them from a policy perspective.

“The first thing we do is listen,” said Bollier. “That’s so important. Before anything actually gets to the floor or to committee, I’m listening to the people and understanding why something may or may not need to move forward. As I listen, then I’m making assessments and gathering data and facts to find out what might ultimately influence a decision to move something forward.”

Bollier has been endorsed by current Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.