Dr. Roger Marshall outlines Republican health care alternative plan released this week

Kansas First District Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Roger Marshall helped put together a Republican health care alternative that he hopes will be considered in Congress.

“People tell me that our current system is broken,” said Dr. Marshall. “They want us to fix it. They want us to modernize it. As I talk to them further, what they tell me is how personal their health care is. They want a personalized health care plan that puts them and their doctor in charge, contrast it to this, contrast our plan to what the Democrats are proposing, a one-size-fits-all, the government take hold of your health care. This is a plan that personalizes health care.”

The plan addresses one of the main concerns of people, that pre-existing conditions would still be covered.

“We’re going to protect pre-existing conditions the same for those who are self-employed as for those who get their insurance through their job. We’re going to make sure that insurance is portable and
protects your pre-existing conditions. In addition to that, we’re going to have federally funded state reinsurance pools where people that develop high-risk problems, people that have expensive health
care problems can go into with federal dollars to protect them.”

Marshall believes more people will be covered with better coverage through this plan than currently are through the Affordable Care Act, but he’s realistic that this is not viable under the current political structure.

“Nothing is going to pass in the House of Representatives right now as long as we’re talking about impeachment,” said Marshall. “The USMCA legislation that would mean millions of dollars, thousands
of jobs for Kansas is sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk since February. They are totally engulfed in impeachment. Nothing is going to happen. Again, they want to double down on their government
takeover of health care. We’ll need to flip the House, which we’re working very hard to do. We need to get the majority back in the House, keep the majority in the Senate and make sure we re-elect President Trump.”

The plan proposes to increase how much an employee can contribute to a health savings account. Currently, an individual can contribute $3,500 and a family can contribute $7,000. The proposed plan would increase those figures to $9,000 per individual and $18,000 for families.