Areas in extreme southwest Kansas are in extreme drought, according to the latest Drought Monitor released Wednesday.

“You could almost draw a line north and south between Garden City and Dodge City,” said meteorologist Dan Holiday. “When you get to about Garden City and points to the west and south around Elkhart and Ulysses, it is extremely dry. Just around Dodge City or so, that’s where that line is where we’ve seen more storm systems go through.”

Those two points provide interesting contrast when it comes to moisture.

“Since September 1, there’s been 1.6 inches of rain in Dodge City,” said Holiday. “That’s below normal, but for the year, they’re actually above normal with more than 21 inches of rain. Just take a short jaunt to the west with Garden City. They’ve had nine-tenths of an inch of rain since September 1. They’re more than 2 inches below normal and they’ve only had 12.8 inches of rain for the entire year. That’s nearly 6 inches below normal.”

Holiday isn’t sure there’s any relief in immediate sight, either.

“We just don’t see any chance of rain,” said Holiday. “There is going to be a system come in late next week, around Thursday or Friday. Right now, it’s trending a little bit further north of us. Even then, the moisture this far south in Kansas looks pretty meek.”

The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Individual locations may vary.