Dry Conditions Coming Back Into Kansas

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map for Kansas shows abnormally dry conditions coming back into Kansas.  The latest map from the National Drought Mitigation Center, officially shows no drought conditions. Nearly 20 percent of the state is now considered abnormally dry, compared to just under four percent last week. The area includes a 13 county area extending from far north central Kansas into far northeast part of the state.  The other area is in portions of a 20 county area extending from south central Kansas, along the Kansas/Oklahoma border, into southeastern Kansas.


High Plains Drought Conditions Starting to Expand:

If you look at the latest High Plains drought monitor map, it shows the drought conditions continuing to expand in the northern plains.  North Dakota has 100 percent drought conditions while South Dakota now has nearly 90 and a half percent of the state in drought conditions. It’s starting to expand southward into Nebraska, where nearly 68 percent is considered abnormally dry with 18 percent of the state considered in drought conditions. Iowa has 76 percent of the state in drought conditions while Minnesota has nearly 75 percent of the state in drought conditions. Even Missouri,  who two weeks had zero abnormally dry or drought conditions, has 21 percent abnormally dry or drought conditions.


Drought Conditions in Western U.S. Continue to Worsen:


The western United States continues in the grip of a terrible drought in the nine state area. California, Nevada and Utah have 100 percent drought conditions while in addition to those three states, Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon all have over 94 percent drought conditions.  Overall in the nine states, over 26 and a half percent is considered in D4 -Exceptional drought conditions while nearly 91 percent of the west is considered in drought conditions.


Source: National Drought Mitigation Center