Economic Index Still Positive

Since declining to a record low in April of last year, the Creighton University Mid-America Business Conditions Index, a leading economic indicator for the nine-state region stretching from Minnesota to Arkansas, has remained above growth neutral for 18 of the last 19 months.

The Business Conditions Index, which ranges between 0 and 100, fell to 60.2 from October’s 65.2.

The regional employment index remained significantly above growth neutral for November, but dropped to 61.1 from 66.1 in October.

The wholesale inflation gauge for the month declined to 92.9 from October’s 96.5.

Looking ahead six months, economic optimism climbed to 46.2 from October’s 37.0, which was its lowest level since the onset of COVID-19 in Quarter 1, 2020.

Zeroing in on Kansas, the state Business Conditions Index for November fell to 61.2 from 66.5 in October.