Efforts For Equine Enthusiasts Feature of Kansas Horse Council Session

Horse owners’ voice for positive movement in every endeavor has a public gathering scheduled.

“Annual meeting of the Kansas Horse Council (KHC) is Saturday evening, Nov. 23, in Manhattan,” announced Justine Staten.

 “This is a free event in the Stanley Stout Center at 2200 Denison Avenue,” according to the KHC executive director.

“Everybody interested in horses is welcome to attend, but we need advance registration to ensure supper meal availability,” she said.

Following the KHC “Horse Care 101” program nearby, meeting registration is at 4:30. “Serving supper is at 5 o’clock, with the presentations beginning at 5:30, to be concluded before 8 o’clock,” Staten said.

KHC’s mission is to “provide the Kansas equine industry with leadership and direction through education, promotion and public policy advocacy.”

Ron McDaniel will present humorous horse stories and cowboy tales to entertain at the annual meeting of the Kansas Horse Council.

Kansas’ largest equine network works extensively in education and equine industry promotion, Staten pointed out. “Furthermore, members have access to purchasing discounts and scholarship eligibility,” she said.

“Regional directors and representatives of the Kansas Horse Council are passionate about horses and the Kansas horse industry,” Staten insisted. “They are the link between what’s going on in your area and what’s happening at the Manhattan office headquarters.

 “The directors promote and inform to keep everyone updated and engaged in all that matters to the Kansas equine industry. They assist with activities and coordinate planning regional meetings and events bringing us all together,” the horse leader said. 

Justine Staten serves as executive director of the Kansas Horse Council which plans an annual meeting in Manhattan November 23.

Primary fundraiser and signature event of the Kansas Horse Council is the Equifest of Kansas. “It is moving to the Saline County Expo Grounds in Salina next year on March 6-7-8,” Staten informed.

Agenda for the upcoming annual meeting includes special speakers updating status of equine health issues and state parks and trails. “There’ll be an overview of the horse council’s activities during the past year,” Staten said.

Always a feature of the annual session is presentation of the Bud Newell Award recognizing efforts for the equine industry.

Cowboy poet Ron McDaniel of Merck Animal Health is to entertain with humorous horse stories and cowboy tales.

“You should attend this annual meeting to get signed up for KHC Horsemanship Rewards for 2020. There’ll be gifts for your loved ones at the meeting and you can become an Equifest volunteer,” Staten encouraged.

Information about the meeting, joining the KHC, and Equifest details is available at www.kansashorsecouncil.com.

Likewise Staten can generally be contacted personally by email [email protected] or calling 785-776-0662.