Eisenhower honored with 2019 White House Christmas Ornament

The 2019 Official White House Christmas ornament honors a Kansas favorite son.

“In 2019, we honor President Dwight Eisenhower of Abilene, Kansas,” said Stewart D. McLaurin, President of the White House Historical Association. “Of course, you can get this ornament through our website, whitehousehistory.org or if you’re near Abilene, you can go to the Eisenhower Library. They’re selling it there.”

This ornament honors one of the ways Eisenhower changed the office of Commander-in-Chief.

“All Americans are familiar with the sight of the President flying in a helicopter, Marine One,” said McLaurin. “Eisenhower was the very first President to use helicopters for Presidential travel. The ornament is an actual depiction of his 1957 Sikorsky American-made helicopter.”

The ornament features the Presidential Seal on one side. On the other is his five-star rank, honoring his military service as Allied Supreme Commander in World War II.

“It comes packaged in a box that looks like it is landing on the South Lawn of the White House,” said McLaurin. “A great little booklet on history is included, because we do view these as educational teaching tools, in addition to being the heirloom-quality Christmas ornament that you have for generations to come.”

All ornament sales support the non-profit, non-partisan mission of the White House Historical Association to protect, preserve, and provide public access to the history of the White House.