Election Day 2020: A Different Look

Amid a pandemic and record voter turnout, the 2020 general election will look and feel a little different in Kansas than in years past.

The Reflector reports that more than 1,350,000 people will vote in this year’s general election, according to estimates by the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State.

That would be an increase of more than 100,000 from any previous election.

While the expected turnout percentage, 70%, is not a record, the total number of voters expected would be.

If you are in line by the time poll locations close, you are legally allowed to vote.

Those in line will be social distanced.

Once it is your turn to vote, you will be given a pen by poll workers.

One end will have a stylus if you choose to vote electronically, and the writing end will be for those casting a paper ballot.

Pens will not be reused, so consider it a keepsake from the 2020 election.