Employees see tech as help, not hindrance, survey says

A report released earlier this month by Robert Half, Jobs and AI Anxiety, doesn’t show as much trepidation for technology as you might think.

“What most individuals believe is, and what we’ve seen is, it will actually get employees out of the routine processes and allow them to spend more time on strategic processes and actually enrich their work lives and make them more strategic,” said Amy Thomas with Robert Half.

Business leaders surveyed for the Jobs and AI Anxiety report expect to upgrade the technological skills of their workforce by training current staff.

“There’s quite a few technologies, newer technologies like artificial intelligence, business process automation, expanded reality, which is using virtual reality in different ways that affect businesses as well as cloud service, which is certainly an area that has grown tremendously over the last few years,” said Thomas.

Eighty-two percent of managers think it will be challenging to get their staff up to speed on new technologies.

“We’re really in a world of work that’s about to be completely reinvented,” said Thomas. “They’re going to need to invest in training. They may also have to look externally for consultants that maybe already have the technology experience that they’re looking to move towards, to help their new employees learn it.”

More than 1,200 business leaders were surveyed for the research.