In a new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, half of professionals said traveling to and from work is stressful.

“It’s across the board,” said Nic Cover with Robert Half. “It’s having a real issue right now in the marketplace. Bad commutes, they affect worker engagement, retention, all of the above.”

There are ways to mitigate the issues, if you’re willing to look for them.

“Flexible schedules, right now we’re seeing that a lot, to avoid some busy times on the highway” said Cover. “We’re doing a lot of work from home right now. We’re seeing that. Carpooling is a big thing in some major cities.”

Parking and fuel bonuses are also helping some people choose to come in to the office.

“We’re kind of past the age right now where we can really demand some of these structures that we’ve had in the past,” said Cover. “It’s really about flexibility on the employer’s side. They need to make
sure that their associates are understanding that they are there to support them and make sure that commute is something that they can handle.”

Men and workers ages 25 to 40 have the highest levels of stress about traveling to work.