Emporia State Offers Chance to Attend Games (in Cardboard Form)

COVID-19 is going to have a big effect on college basketball attendance. Because of limitations on people in the building, and people concerned about attending, it might look a little sparse in the stands. If you’re an Emporia State fan, though, there’s an alternative.

Emporia State has announced a program where you send them a picture of yourself, and they’ll print out a one-and-a-half foot by two-and-a-half foot version of you, and put it in the stands for the entire season.

Fan cutouts will be $30, or purchase two or more for $25 each.

Proceeds will go to support Hornet Athletics.

Each individual cutout will be returned to fans at the end of the season.

Unlike actual attendance, you can even have your pet in the stands.

There are some restrictions.

You can find those, plus hints on how to take your picture and ordering information here.