Eventful Time For Miss Rodeo Kansas 2019 As Home State Representative In Las Vegas At Miss Rodeo America Pageant

Miss Rodeo Kansas has been “pretty busy.”

Life for Brooke Wallace is picking up speed and getting faster in the days ahead.

All in the name of her favorite sport rodeo and her most apparent and highly promoted Western lifestyle.

“I’ve always loved everything to do with horses, horse people, and the Western way of life. Rodeo brings it all together as the best representation of traditional hard work and dedication for success.”

Miss Rodeo Kansas 2019 Brooke Wallace has spread that important message throughout the state and across the land.

She’s in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo.

“I’ve honorably served as a rodeo queen for several groups and being Miss Rodeo Kansas highlights them all,” Brooke exclaimed.

“This year has been the most exciting and fastest-paced of my life. I am so thankful for my family, friends, and sponsors in this unforgettable journey,” she appreciated.

Native of New Cambria and former Miss Rodeo K-State graduating from Kansas State University, Brooke’s home now is Council Grove. A picturesque ranch at the northeast edge of town.

“Basically wherever my pickup and horses were has been my home on the road this year,” she admitted.

Last week was spent preparing and traveling to the “entertainment capital of the world.” Saturday was calming time with her Aunt Sara Prochaska chaperone who accompanied her there as they made personal pageantry arrangements.

Miss Rodeo Kansas 2019 Brooke Wallace, now of Council Grove, is in Las Vegas, Nevada, participating in the Miss Rodeo America 2020 Pageant.

“It’ll get hectic tomorrow (Sunday the 1st) when the pageant begins and continues through coronation ceremonies December 8th,” Brooke admitted.

Busy and hectic aren’t unusual words for Miss Rodeo Kansas. “I’ve driven more than 30,000 miles representing the sport of rodeo at more than 78 venues this year,” she calculated. That’s been at professional rodeos, community programs, school functions and other activities.

“It’s been nonstop.” Brooke admitted. “I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to tell so many about our great sport of rodeo.

This ‘job’ never really felt like a job to me it has always been a true privilege,” she continued. “My goal was never to say no to anything and experience everything offered to me. That was whether competing in a ranch rodeo, untying muddy calves or watching the Pendleton Round-Up on the grass.”

While additional family and friends will be getting to Las Vegas early in the week, Brooke’s personal remuda is at the home ranch. “I’ll draw for horses provided by the rodeo contractors and other owners specifically for the pageant,” the queen said.

A challenge in its own right, that’ll be nothing new for this cowgirl. “I’ve been riding horses in all types of events most of my life,” Brooke said. “While serving as Miss Rodeo Kansas, I’ve usually ridden horses provided by the rodeo contractors. Believe me; I’ve been on lots of different kinds of horses.

“That should really be a positive for me in the horsemanship competition during the Miss Rodeo America pageant,” she added.

Agenda for the week at Las Vegas Tropicana has been summarized.Check in was Sunday, the first, with the public welcome as fashion show rehearsals began in the evening. Monday, Dec. 2, includes horsemanship competition, with written tests, personality interviews and more rehearsals.

Nothing like being horseback and representing rodeo and monumental tradition of the Western lifestyle, according to Miss Rodeo Kansas 2019 Brooke Wallace.

Interviews and rehearsals continue on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Speeches and photogenic judging are Wednesday, Dec. 4, when horsemanship interviews are also scheduled.

More interviews and rehearsals are Thursday, Dec. 5, with highlight being attendance at the first performance of the National Finals Rodeo. Queen pageant contestants will be presented on the Western Runway the Cowboy Channel Red Carpet at Thomas & Mack Arena.

Friday, Dec. 6, features the fashion show late morning, with autograph signing before live stream of the second rodeo performance.

The Justin Boot Parade with Miss Rodeo America contestants is Saturday afternoon, Dec. 7, at the Las Vegas Cowboy Christmas. After more autographing, there’ll be a Cowgirl’s Saturday Night Out during the live stream of the rodeo.

Miss Rodeo America 2020 Coronation is scheduled Sunday morning, Dec. 8, at 10:30.

Outfits worn by the beautiful cowgirl queen contestants have a major impact on certain judge’s markings. Miss Rodeo Kansas looks to have a possible edge there.

Her college degree is in fashion design and professional career is creating Western outfits. “Other than the required wardrobes from the Wrangler sponsorship, I’ll be modeling my own personal fashions,” Brooke said. “That in itself makes the pageant even more unique and special to me.”

Looking back over the last half decade, Miss Rodeo Kansas admitted, “I was still a stranger to rodeo. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. I love the sport. I love the lifestyle. I love the people.”

Looking to the seven days ahead talking from Las Vegas, Brooke expressed gratitude. “I feel so honored to represent my home state of Kansas. Whatever the outcome of this pageant I want everyone to know no matter what, above all else I have never changed.

“I am who I am all of the time and that’s what I’m going to present during the pageant. If I’m not the right fit for the title I’ll know I didn’t stray from who I was,” Brooke declared.

Miss Rodeo America serves as the official ambassador to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. “It’s a fulltime job representing the number one sanctioning body in the sport of rodeo,” Brooke said. “That’s 24/7 with more than 120,000 miles traveling throughout the country. What a great opportunity to serve such a wonderful sport.”

Rodeo will always be a part of Brooke’s life. “I’ll be involved with horses, rodeo and the Western lifestyle in every way I know how.

“Of course, my lifetime career will be designing Western clothing, especially working with rodeo queen outfits. It could go in many directions actually even into country music fashions,” Miss Rodeo Kansas Brooke Wallace verified.

“If you want to send me notes during the pageant they can only be emailed to [email protected],” Brooke welcomed. “The emails should have Kansas as the subject line. Pageant officials will forward them to me each evening.

“Thank you in advance for the support, love and encouragement,” Miss Rodeo America Pageant contestant Kansas cowgirl Brooke Wallace acknowledged.