Evergy Plan Concerns Both Sides

Kansas’ largest electric company expects to make its first big investments in solar energy over the next three years and promises zero net carbon emissions in 2045.

Environmentalists don’t think Evergy is moving quickly enough.

Conversely, other critics worry that its plans could make electricity more costly and less reliable.

Evergy outlined its long-term plan in recent weeks for regulators in Kansas, where the company has about 1 million customers.

It’s the first time a Kansas utility has filed such a plan with state regulators, and Evergy promises to update it every three years.

Evergy would shut down nearly three-quarters of its coal-fired generating capacity by 2039, starting with a plant in Lawrence by 2023.

Its capacity to generate power from wind farms would increase by 23% by 2026.

Evergy has almost no solar power now, but solar farms would provide 13% of its generating capacity within a decade.

However, under Evergy’s plan, only 20% of its coal-fired generating capacity would go offline by 2030.