Evergy Rates Going Up April 1st

If you’re an Evergy customer, you’ll be paying a few cents more per month soon.

Beginning April 1st, Evergy Kansas Central residential customers will pay an average of 36 cents more per month to have electricity delivered to their homes.

That amounts to $4.32 per year, based on an average monthly usage of 900 kilowatt hours.

Kansas law allows electric utilities regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission to recover costs associated with the transmission of electric power through a separate transmission delivery charge on customer bills, without approval from the KCC.

As such, the Commission must accept Evergy’s proposed change within 30 business days of the application.

The transmission delivery charges are presumed prudent as filed.

If irregularities are later found, the Commission can order changes, including refunds.

Evergy’s application requested 310 million dollars in transmission delivery charge revenues, an increase of 20.4 million.