Evergy says don’t get scammed, call them if you have questions

Evergy is standing with more than 100 utility companies throughout North America this week in support of the fourth annual Utility Scam Awareness Week.

“Scammers will target utility customers year-round,” said Gina Penzig with Evergy. “Sometimes they change their tactics a little bit based on the season, or may step things up, but, unfortunately, they are always working, trying to see if they can trick people out of some money.”

Don’t give payment information out over the phone, if you didn’t make the call.

“We’ll never call and threaten to turn off power in 30 minutes or a couple of hours,” said Penzig. “We would never demand a certain type of payment, in the form of a prepaid card. If you are looking at a possible service disconnection, you would receive multiple notices from us.”

Don’t get flustered, that’s what scammers are after.

“What they’re counting on is for somebody to panic and go out and do whatever they are told to do before they stop and think about is my bill behind, when did I pay my last electricity bill?” said Penzig. “You can do a couple of things. You can log into the website, if you use online services and just check your account to see if it’s current. You can also go to your most recent bill, or look up on Google and find the phone number to the call center.”

That number is 1-800-383-1183. If you initiate the call, then you know you’re really talking to Evergy and not to a scammer.