“Every Vote Counts” – Examples from Tuesday

You’ve heard it time and again – “Every vote counts”.

While your vote may not decide many races with millions of votes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when it is vital.

The State Board of Education District 8 race between Democrat Betty Arnold and Republican Kathy Busch saw over 83,000 votes cast – but Arnold took the race with a margin of less than 100.

In the 102nd State House District, Democrat Jason Probst defeated Republican John Whitesel by three votes, out of over 64-hundred cast.

The House of Representatives District 16 resulted in a win by Democrat Linda Featherston over Republican Rashard Young, hanging on to a margin of four votes out of over 13,000 cast.

House District 48 was another nail-biter, with Republican Terry Frederick pulling out a victory over Democrat Jennifer Day by nine votes out of over 13,000 cast.

These are unofficial results, and may be recounted.