Excessive Heat Warning ‘dangerous’, says meteorologist

An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for the eastern half of the state beginning Wednesday afternoon.

“There’s really two criteria,” said meteorologist Dan Holiday. “One of those is when the Heat Index can reach about 105. It usually means that it reaches that for two consecutive days.”

The chance of heat-related illness is high.

“It is dangerous to be outdoors long-term for anyone who is young, like babies, certainly the elderly,” said Holiday. “We also want to keep an eye on livestock as well, too, because it doesn’t take much for them to get overheated in conditions like this.”

Residents are encouraged to drink plenty of cool, nonalcoholic beverages regardless of activity level to help prevent heat injuries.

“We’ll probably see these hot temperatures all the way through Saturday,” said Holiday. “On Sunday into Sunday afternoon, there’s going to be a fairly decent cold front that will move in. We think that’s going to bring back our thunderstorm chances again Sunday into Sunday night.”

Air-conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related injuries and death.