An important deadline is coming up for some tax filers in Kansas.

“The deadline for anyone who requested a six-month extension way back in April of this year, October 15th is the deadline for you to file that tax return, unless you’re in a very special category of people, like the military, who have been deployed,” said Michael Devine with the Internal Revenue Service.

If you’re late, you could be looking at penalties and interest on any taxes that you didn’t pay because you didn’t file.

“The failure to file penalty is ten times larger than the failure to pay penalty,” said Devine. “What you need to do is go ahead and file that tax return. If you’re due a refund, the only way to get that refund is to file the tax return. If you’ve asked for an extension because you owe and you don’t have the money to pay, it’s not going to help to wait.”

The IRS can help you meet your obligation, but they have to hear from you.

“File the tax return,” said Devine. “Ask the IRS for help in figuring out how you can pay that tax bill that you owe. We can probably set up an installment agreement. We want to help, but the only way to
do that is get that tax return filed and give us a chance to help if you need it.”

About 111,000 Kansans asked for an extension. For more information, go to