Extreme Drought Effectively Disappears From Kansas

Extreme drought conditions that have parched Western Kansas since May appear to have decreased in the past week. USDA’s weekly Drought Monitor indicates that only a few acres along the Colorado state line in Greeley County are still in the third stage of drought. Drought conditions in general retreated in the past week, with severe drought now covering all or part of eight western counties and accounting for just over four percent of the state. Moderate drought is no longer present in 20 counties across Kansas. Areas along the Kansas River are no longer considered abnormally dry.

Overall, 19.2 percent of Kansas is in some stage of drought, while another 24 percent is abnormally dry. Much of Southeast Kansas remains in moderate drought, with first-stage conditions stretching west to Wellington and north to Pleasanton. Moderate drought patches also persist in Northwest Kansas’ Rawlins County and western Cheyenne and Sherman counties.