Fake Campaigner in KCK

A Kansas House member says that someone has pretended to campaign for him door-to-door in his Kansas City district, prompting him to file a police report.

Democratic state Representative Aaron Coleman said he believes the “imposter” wants to force his way into homes or burglarize them later.

Coleman said he saw comments about the man on a private Facebook group for local residents, and said people have told him of incidents over the past two weeks.

Coleman said the man even has had stolen campaign literature.

Coleman has been campaigning door to door.

Coleman also said he and his team wear blue campaign shirts, while the alleged impersonator did not.

“This poses an extreme danger to members of the public,” Coleman said.

The 20-year-old freshman lawmaker faced scrutiny himself over allegations of abusive behavior before taking office, and received a written warning in February from a House committee.