Fake Vape Seller Fined

A Wyandotte County woman has been ordered to pay over three thousand dollars in penalties for selling counterfeit e-cigarette products.

Estanya Tenhue, owner of America for Humanity, Incorporated, doing business as Bargain Hunters, was ordered to pay $3,300 in civil penalties in a consent judgment approved in Wyandotte County District Court.

The defendant was also ordered to reimburse the cost of the attorney general Derek Schmidt’s investigation into her business practices.

The attorney general alleged that the defendants knowingly misled consumers by falsely representing e-cigarette products to be authentic branded merchandise when in fact they were not.

The counterfeit products involved in this case included vaping devices and vaping liquids.

The consumer protection judgment is the fourth reached by Schmidt’s office in the past nine months addressing counterfeit e-cigarette products discovered by the attorney general’s Tobacco Enforcement Unit.