Female Ex-Prisoners Don’t Want Vaccine

Every year, roughly two million women leave incarceration.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit jails and correctional facilities harder than almost any other setting.

Yet many of the former inmates don’t want vaccination shots.

Researchers at KU and KU Medical Center published a study in the journal Public Health Nursing about vaccine hesitancy among the former inmates.

While the vaccine was not yet widely available at the time of interviews, the results showed 52% of respondents said they were definitely not willing to receive a vaccine.

Only 20% said “yes, they would vaccinate.”

The hesitancy was attributed to a number of factors, such as mistrust in government or the pharmaceutical industry, not having enough information on how vaccines work, listening to conspiracy theories, returning to anti-vaccination communities, and others.

The results line up with previous research findings that low-income groups and women are two of the most significant predictors of vaccine uncertainty and refusal.