Food Assistance Rate Temporarily Rises

Kansas Department for Children and Families Secretary Laura Howard has announced that benefits through the food assistance program, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will increase temporarily.

The maximum allotments for food assistance will increase 15 percent for each household in January, and will continue through June.

Those that already receive food assistance don’t have to take any action to receive the increased benefit.

In January, funds will come in three issuances: The regular benefit was issued between Jan. 1 – 10 ; the 15 percent temporary increase will be available to each household as a supplement on Jan. 21; and the emergency food assistance allotment will be issued Jan. 22 – 30.

The February through June temporary maximum benefit will be issued on the regular issuance dates of the 1st through 10th of the month.

In July, benefits will return to the regular benefit amount.