Former Pizza Hut Owner Says State Owes Him $63 Million

Former gubernatorial candidate and Pizza Hut magnate Gene Bicknell is demanding the state of Kansas fork over $63 million owed the Florida retiree to conclude an income tax dispute that began nearly 15 years ago.

The Reflector reports that the Kansas Department of Revenue engaged with Bicknell after the Pittsburg native sold his restaurant company in 2006.

The department sent Bicknell a state income tax bill for tens of millions of dollars, alleging he was a resident of Kansas when he sold the business.

Bicknell insisted his official residence was in Florida, but paid $29 million in tax and interest in 2013, and filed a lawsuit seeking reimbursement.

In 2019, a District Court Senior Judge said the state owed Bicknell a total of $48 million in tax, interest and penalty.

Bicknell said the delay in repayment had escalated the amount owed to $63 million.

The Department of Revenue wasn’t available to comment.