Fort Hays State adds program for military members and veterans to quickly complete associate’s degree

Fort Hays State University is offering a unique associate degree program for service members and veterans from all branches of the military.

“We will accept up to 36 credit hours from the military,” said Dr. Joey Linn, Vice President for Student Affairs. “This leaves the servicemember an additional 24 hours, if they meet all the criteria to complete their Associate of Applied Science in Technology and Leadership.”

This will help currently serving members to move on to employment once they leave the military.

“Totally online, you can get your associate degree within one year,” said Linn. “With our cost, which is something we’re so proud of, it’s a little bit over $5000 total to get that credential, that associate degree.”

Servicemembers can then go on to finish their bachelor’s in two more years after obtaining that associate’s degree or even a master’s in as little as three more.

“The infrastructure to build an online program at a university is something not easily done,” said Linn. “If it were, every university would have done that by now. We have the faculty and the staff. Quite honestly, we have the people that take care of these students. They’re busy. They’re adults, they’re in the military. They want answers to their questions not tomorrow, but immediately. They want to know what works with the credentials they have.”

With campuses domestically in Hays as well as across the globe in China, there are professors and experts available around the clock to answer inquiries from students.

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