Four New State Laws Signed

Governor Laura Kelly signed four bills into law having to do with growing the state economy.

SB 65 contains improvements and updates to the High Performance Incentive Program.

SB 66 is an extension of the Angel Investor Tax Credit program in Kansas for the next five years.

Updates have been made to the program, including changes to credit investment amounts and increasing budget appropriations.

SB 90 expands the types of projects allowed in Kansas Rural Housing Incentive Districts, and enables the renovation into residential use of buildings and structures more than 25 years old on Kansas main streets and downtown districts.

Any city with a population of less than 60,000 will be eligible for the program.

SB 124 continues the STAR Bonds program with major updates.

Those include measures to increase use of the program in rural areas.

The program can now be used as a tool to recruit headquarters and major business facilities.