Free Fishing Days This Weekend

June 4 and 5 are Free Fishing Days in Kansas, when anyone can fish on any public waters without a fishing license.

In Kansas, anyone age 16-74 must have a fishing license to fish, except on Free Fishing Days, and although license requirements are waived, anglers must still abide by all other regulations such as length and creel limits,  and equipment requirements.

If you’re looking for a place to drop a line during Free Fishing Days, visit and click “Where To Fish” for a list of fishing locations near you.

After you’ve found an ideal spot or two, consult the 2022 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary prior to hitting the water.

The summary contains vital information specific to all public waters and even has some handy tips and tricks on tying knots and identifying fish.

View an electronic version at, or pick up a hard-copy at your nearest license vendor.

Kansas fishing regulations, forecasts, and more can also be accessed via the GoOutdoorsKS mobile app for iOS and Android.