Free Testing For Deer Wasting Disease Available

Deer season has begun in the Sunflower State.

If you’re a deer hunter, there’s good news – you can have deer tested for disease for free.

Deer hunters across Kansas can have deer they harvest during the 2021-2022 seasons tested for Chronic Wasting Disease – or CWD – free of charge through the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

The department, in collaboration with the University of Missouri, is continuing a three-year research project to better understand where CWD is present in Kansas, and how the disease spreads.

As part of the research project, the cost of CWD testing will again be covered for up to 450 samples per Deer Management Unit.

All hunters need to provide to receive free testing is harvest location of the deer in the form of GPS coordinates, section Range-Township-Section number, or nearest intersection.

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