Full State Records of Murdered Girl Ruled Off-Limits

State agency records of a 3-year-old girl whose body was found this summer in a shallow grave should not be released to the public, a Wyandotte County judge has ruled.

Olivia Jansen’s body was found in a shallow grave on July 10, the same day her father reported her missing.

He and his girlfriend have been charged with felony murder and other crimes in her death.

Several media outlets filed requests for records from the Department for Children and Family Services to determine the extent of the agency’s contact with the family.

Officials have released a summary.

The judge granted a motion to prohibit the release of agency records relating to the girl, The Kansas City Star reported.

Attorneys for the Wyandotte County District Attorney and the two suspects in Olivia’s death argued that releasing the 533 pages of records would hinder the ongoing investigation, and the defendants’ right to a fair trial.