Gamer Involved in Swatting Back in Trouble

A Kansas gamer whose online dispute with another player sparked a deadly hoax call will have to face trial after violating the terms of a diversion deal, a judge has ruled.

The judge granted the government’s motion to resume prosecution of Shane Gaskill of Wichita, and set his trial for October 5th.

Gaskill is charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and other counts in connection with a series of events in 2017 that ended in the fatal police shooting of an innocent 28-year-old man on the front porch of his family’s home in Wichita.

Gaskill had struck a pretrial diversion agreement with prosecutors.

Prosecutors notified his defense attorney in February of their intent to resume prosecution after the U.S. Probation Office notified the government that Gaskill had violated the conditions of his diversion.

The government’s filing does not indicate exactly how Gaskill violated those conditions.