Gas continues to head back toward equilibrium after the September attacks on Saudi oil production.

“The gas prices here in Kansas are down three cents a gallon to $2.38,” said Shawn Steward of AAA Kansas. “We’re still about a nickel higher than we were a month ago, but if we look back to a year ago, we were way up at $2.76 a gallon.”

When compared with gas on the coasts, Kansas does really well.

“Kansas gas prices are 12th cheapest in the country,” said Steward. “We’re now 27 cents less than the national average. As usual, Kansas prices, compared to the national level, are in really good shape.”

This is fundamentally due to the natural seasonal assistance in demand.

“Generally, this time of year in the fall, demand starts to decline,” said Steward. “We usually see the peak of it during the summer driving season when a lot of people are on their summer road trips and vacations. This time of year, people are kind of settling back into their normal routines.”

Demand has mostly pushed lower as gasoline stocks have remained stable of late.