The run of good news at the gas pumps continues in Kansas.

“Kansas average gas price is $2.46 a gallon this week, which is 3 cents less than a week ago,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “When we look back to a year ago at this time, we’re 21 cents cheaper.”

Kansas has the 10th cheapest gas in the nation.

“Domestically, we’re producing quite a bit of oil,” said Steward. “That production has been strong for quite awhile. We’ve also seen, overall, crude oil prices remaining steady or even lowering in the last week or two.”

Kansas is also catching a break on the demand side.

“Right now, we’re starting to head back to school, this week and next week in a lot of places,” said Steward. “A lot of those summer vacation road trips are winding down. People are starting to get back to their normal fall routines close to home.”

Steward isn’t ready to say we’ve hit the top of the gas price curve for 2019 yet, but if outside weather and geopolitical events don’t change the mixture, he thinks prices should remain solid for the time being.