Gas prices have remained somewhat cool as we finish off July.

“Prices this week are in a really good spot, not only for Kansans, but for most of the country,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “The average right now in Kansas is $2.49 a gallon. We’re down five cents over the past week. That’s tied for the third-largest weekly price drop in the U.S.”

Kansas is the 10th cheapest state for gas in the country.

“This year seems a little bit different,” said Steward. “Even though demand has been really strong for gasoline, our inventories remain very robust as refineries, especially in our Central and Great Lakes region are operating at a very high level and pushing out a lot of supplies.”

It helps that the weather has not really disrupted refineries across the country.

“We’re almost 20 cents less than we were a year ago,” said Steward. “We’re 24 cents cheaper than the national average. All in all, we’ve got it pretty good right now.”

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