Kansas gas prices remain strong, even in the height of summer travel season.

“Gas prices are at $2.54 a gallon, making Kansas the 10th least expensive state in the nation for gas this week,” said Leslie Gamble with AAA. “Surrounding states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana are seeing similarly low pricing.”

The rest of the nation is joining in the savings.

“The national average this week is $2.77, which is down 3 cents from last week,” said Gamble. “It’s the first time in four weeks that we’re seeing declines in gas prices.”

Fundamentals are stronger than expected across the country.

“Less demand in the last week, we think that’s probably temporary,” Gamble said. “Production is just very strong in our oil industry. There were concerns that Hurricane Barry might have some impact, but those didn’t last long.”

Gulf coast refineries rebounded with 2 million barrels produced last week, which has left excess supply and driven prices lower.