Gas prices are holding steady right now in Kansas.

“Here in Kansas and nationally, prices stayed pretty much flat over the last week,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “Today’s average gas price in Kansas is $2.35 a gallon, the same as last week. We are five cents less than we were a month ago and 20 cents less from where we were a year ago.”

The fundamental movement was interesting, however.

“Gasoline demand numbers were fairly high, looking more like summer than fall,” said Steward. “Despite that high demand and the resulting decrease in gasoline stocks on hand, the national average and Kansas average gas prices remained flat.”

Steward doesn’t really expect much movement in the near future.

“We could see those gas stocks build, as regional refinery usage increased over the last week from 84% to 90%,” said Steward. “As we talked about in previous weeks, refinery maintenance happens a lot this time of year, and so, a lot of those refineries are getting back online. That build in gas stocks could help balance out if we do see a continuation in that high demand.”

Kansas remains the 11th least expensive state in the nation for gasoline.