Gas prices for summer look to improve, says AAA

Even as gas prices appear to be stabilizing, Americans are getting used to where they are, according to new data from AAA.

“Americans are kind of changing their perception,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “They’re getting a little bit numb to where the prices have been recently, a little higher. We found that this year, 50 percent of consumers think paying $3 a gallon is too high.”

Last year, roughly the same number of consumers said $2.70 a gallon was too expensive.

“There is some good news for consumers this summer on the horizon,” said Steward. “The highest prices of the year could be in our rear view mirror. Most refineries are operating at normal levels right now. Demand is robust. Cheaper crude oil prices have been the norm over the last couple of months. Summer gas prices are poised to be a little less than they were last year.”

Prices could drop as much as a dime in the near future.

“The national average right now is about $2.80 and we could see that going to $2.70,” said Steward. “If you translate that to Kansas prices, we’re at $2.60 now, so you could be looking at an average of $2.50 in the state here fairly soon.”

Kansas is traditionally in the top 15 least expensive states for gasoline when supply conditions are standard.