Gas prices in Kansas continue to be positive for those filling up their tanks.

“The last week, we’ve seen a nice decline in prices again in Kansas,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “We are down five cents on the week to $2.41 a gallon on average for regular. That echoes the trend on the national stage.”

The national average is at $2.64 a gallon.

“The supply that we have on hand in the country, that rose at a level not seen since the end of March,” said Steward. “That helped contribute to the pretty large decreases in gas prices we’ve seen at the pump.”

Demand is also helping to keep prices falling.

“Usually, this time of year, demand starts to decline,” said Steward. “It’s remained pretty steady, but now that school is getting back into session and there are fewer and fewer summer vacations going on,
we anticipate that demand to start to decline.”

If nothing else changes to reduce supply, we might see a brief uptick around Labor Day, before the switch to the less expensive to produce winter blend brings prices downward into the fall.